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Complete Janitorial Services for Show-Stopping Offices

First Class Building Maintenance Service, Inc. provides janitorial services to companies in Los Angeles, California, and surrounding areas. We diligently stick to our daily routine so you can expect a fresh, healthy work environment. As part of general office cleaning or as a la carte services, we offer carpet cleaning, floor maintenance, window cleaning, and construction debris removal. We serve the moving industry, schools, rental and medical offices, studios, restaurants, and more.

Tidy Restroom

General Office Cleaning (Includes Bathroom and Kitchen Services):

• Dusting Desks, Lights, Wall Hangings, and Edges
• Sanitize/Damp Wipe Door Handles, Ledges, and Interior/Exterior Waste Receptacles Equipment Sanitizing, Such As Phones
• Clean Tables, Chairs, and Door Handles
• Polish
• Empty Trash
• Sweep
• Mop
• Vacuum


• Clean To Shine Paper Towel and Toilet Dispensers, Seat Covers, All Stainless, Partisans, Vents, and Mirrors
• Scrub Floors and Showers, As Needed
• Sanitize/Disinfect Tile, Light Switches, Wall Hangings, and Edges
• Deodorize
• Sweep
• Mop
• Empty Trash
• Restock Materials Like Hand Sanitizers, Soap, Reline Waste Containers, and More
• Replenish Paper Products, With Optional Monthly Billing From Our Supply Company

Kitchens and Lunch Rooms:

• Clean Tables, Microwaves, Stoves, Refrigerators, Trash Cans, and All Surfaces
• Sanitize Trash Cans and More

Daily Floor Care
(Included With General Office Cleaning):

• Strip/Scrub Wooden, Ceramic Tile, Stone, and Concrete
• Buff/Burnish Using a High-Speed Machine To Buff Out Hard Floors
• Shine and Polish
• Wax
• Steam Clean/Extractions/Shampoo/Dry Clean/Spot Clean Carpet
• Bonnet Clean, Including Deodorizing and Sanitizing

Window Service

• Wet Clean Window Treatments, Blinds, Frames, Vertical Blinds, and Sills
• Window Clean for Exterior ground Floor inside outside only 
Included in the General Office Cleaning

• Parking Lots, Daily, Weekly, Or Monthly

Cleaning Windows

Service Contracts

We offer one-time initial cleaning and five-night scheduled service. Whether you want cleaning one, two, or three days or just on a Mondays, we will tailor your contract to your needs. If you have high traffic at your business, we recommend the daily floor care service. We will sweep, mop, and shine the floor. The floor is the first impression to your business; make it a good one with immaculate floors.

Our Products

Get the products right for your business. We offer green products as well as standard cleaning commercial/industrial products. Clients with sensitivities or allergies and schools often prefer green and no-scent products. We strive to use safe and environmentally safe products.